Products for the maintenance of soluble cutting fluid baths in service

System cleaner
pH corrector
Water treatment

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Concentrated detergents for cleaning lubricant oil systems

AZOLLA NET HC - For cleaning hydraulic systems.
SERIOLA DTH - For cleaning heat transfer systems.
CELEANER F & V - For cleaning hydraulic systems, gears, paper machine.
BLUE CONCENTRATE - Oil dye for leak detection.

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Antifreeze for thermal installations and thermal power plants, solar panels

LIQUITECH X - Thermotechnical antifreeze for installations, concentrated or prepared.
LIQUITECH SOLAR - Non-toxic antifreeze for solar panels, concentrated or prepared.
Demineralized water
Windshield fluid winter-summer

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Descalers and detergents for cleaning antifreeze systems

LIQUITECH D - Descalers for cleaning antifreeze systems.
LIQUITECH NEUTRALIZATOR N1 - Solution for neutralizing acid descaling agents.
LIQUITECH SHIELD - Anti-corrosion, anti-algae, anti-limescale additives.

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Oil absorbent granules

Hand washing paste
Grease guns
Manual oil pumps