Since 1987, LUBRILOG is specialized in development and manufacturing of special lubricants and more specifically perfluorinated lubricants, exclusively formulated with raw materials from SOLVAY SPECIALITY POLYMERS®, world leader in this market.

Special greases

LUBRILOG FLUOSTAR - Special perfluorinated greases for extreme applications.
LUBRILOG FLUOLOG - Standard fluorinated greases for extreme applications.
LUBRILOG FLUOSTAR FOOD GRADE - NSF H1 fluorinated greases for extreme applications.
LLUBRILOG GRAFOLOG - Open gear drives greases.
LUBRILOG STARPOLY - New generation Extremely long-lasting and energy-saving greases.
LUBRILOG LOGREASE - Multifunctional greases for general applications.
LUBRILOG STARPLEX - General purpose high temperature greases.
LUBRILOG STARGREASE - Long-lasting high-tech multi-purpose greases.
LUBRILOG PLASTOGREASE - Greases for small mechanisms and composite materials.
LUBRILOG PLASTOPLEX - Very high performance synthetic greases.
LUBRILOG SPEED - Greases for high speed bearings.

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Lubricating pastes

LUBRILOG SILOG & STARSIL - Silicon pastes.
LUBRILOG ASSEMBLY PASTE - Anti-corrosion and metallic assembly pastes.

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Special oils

LUBRILOG LY F - Fluorinated oils with exceptional performances.
LUBRILOG FLUOSTAR CHAIN - Specific fluorinated oils.
LUBRILOG ESTAR - Synthetic oils for high temperature chains.
LUBRILOG VISCOL - Adhesive chain oils.
LUBRILOG GEAR FLUID - Oils for open gear drives.
LUBRILOG PG OIL - Synthetic oils for open gear drives and high efficiency bearings.
LUBRILOG LY PAO - AW - High performance synthetic oils.
LUBRILOG LCC - M - General purpose hydraulic transmission oils.
LUBRILOG L HM - General purpose oils for hydraulic transmission.
LUBRILOG LY S - Silicone based oils.

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