MOLYguard® lubricants are developed by use of innovative raw materials like high performance synthetic bases, advanced
additives and the most up-to dated manufacturing technology. These lubricants of enhanced performance are able to meet the
lubrication requirements of a number of very difficult applications.

MOLYguard lubricants resist to high or low temperatures, heavy loads, crashes or vibrations, and also to chemical contamination from
aggressive fluids. And, therefore, they solve real problems of lubrications and maintenance of the most modern and sophisticated

Use of MOLYguard high technology lubricants is the easiest way of improving the reliability and performance of each machinery,
reducing at the same time both service and maintenance costs.

Lubricants and fluids

Compressor lubricants
Protective fluids
Lubricants and fluids for chains and coveyors
Textile sector fluids
Pharmaceutical and food industry lubricants
Bearing and gear lubricantion fluids
General application fluids

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Additives, greases, and lubricating pastes

Solid additive antiseizure paste
Bearing greases
High temperatures greases
Low temperatures greases
Silicone greases
Grease for gears - open gears and general purpose
General application fluids
Pharmaceutical and food industry greases
Special application greases

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MOLYguard range of technical SPRAYS is a precious instrument to assure the always efficient operation of industrial machinery even in very severe conditions.

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