NYCO is a French independent and privately-owned company, expert in the development and manufacture of high-performance lubricants and synthetic ester bases for Aeronautics, Defence, Industry and Automotive.

Turbine oils

NYCO TURBONYCOIL - Mineral and synthetic oils for power units, piston engines, turbo-reactors, turbo-propeller engines, APUs, starters, IDGs for aircraft, helicopters, naval vessels (aircraft carriers, frigates, etc.) and land equipment.

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Hydraulic fluids

HYDRAUNYCOIL FH - Synthetic and mineral fluids.
Aeronautical applications: damping fluid for landing gears (initial assembly at the main OEMs), fluids for helicopters and combat aircraft, actuators, THS (Tail Horizontal Stabilizer), test bench, etc.
Military applications: mobile equipment, artillery, gun-mounts, tanks, missile hydraulics, etc.
Automotive applications: biodegradable hydraulics for public works, lifting and marine equipment, etc.
Industrial applications: dams, drill bits, etc.

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NYCO GREASE GN - Multi-purpose or special-purpose mineral and synthetic greases for extreme applications (low and high temperatures, high speed and pressure, saline, corrosive, humid environments, etc.), compliant with civil, military aviation and industrial constraints: airframe, slats, flaps, heavy loads, THS (Tail Horizontal Stabilizer), actuators, bearings, doors, landing gears, wheels, jacks, rudders, LRU (Line Replaceable Units), anti-seize or assembly compound, protection grease, etc.

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