Advice on choosing the right product for each application

First the advice – then the product

We support you in finding exactly the right product for your application. We can only find individual solutions if we know the current situation and objectives of our customers. Therefore, before you buy a product, let us advise you.

Compatibility tests

Essential when system in use oil is mixed with new oil

Reasons for compatibility analysis:

- Equivalent or comparable lubricants are not the same as compatible lubricants
- Use analysis to ensure that key physical and chemical performance properties of the lubricants will not be compromised by mixing the lubricants
- Protect the life and performance of the lubricant and the equipment by avoiding lubricant incompatibility-related failure

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In-service lubricant analysis

LubAnac SOLUBLE – for water-based cutting fluids used in metalworking
LubAnac TURBINE – for turbine oils
LubAnac CALO – for heat transfer fluids
LubAnac FRIGO – for refrigerating compressor lubricants
LubAnac TREMPE – for quenching oils
LubAnac COOLANT – for cooling liquids
LubAnac GAS – for industrial gas engines lubricants
LubAnac HYDRAULIC – for hydraulic lubricants
LubAnac GEAR – for gear lubricants
LubAnac COMPRESSOR – for compressor lubricants
LubAnac WIND – for wind turbine lubricants

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Measurements for maintaining and correcting the quality of processing fluids

Checking Concentration
Checking pH
Checking water hardness
Checking bacterial and fungi contamination